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I’ve spent the past 2 months or so, obsessed with trying to come up with the big reveal for my website and it has been draining. So I have chosen, unceremoniously, to begin with, a basic introduction.

Hi, my name is Victory Wrights, and you are welcome to my blog.

This might not seem like a lot to you reading this, but I have made this a home to both me and you, and I hope you like it here. I am often somewhat awkward in social situations, but here I have your eyes gazing upon what I imagine is my virtual apartment. While I hope that my awkwardness doesn’t translate over text, I’d like to show you around.

If you would just dust your feet and like any polite guest should, take off your shoes, we can get along.

Where you are right now, is the main blog. I had it divided into categories that, at this time, represent some aspects that I imagine my writing is most divisible to – “Personal & Lifestyle”, “Poetry” and last but not least, “Inspirational”.

I’m not a celebrity and so the Personal & Lifestyle category does feel somewhat pretentious, but it’s frankly just a title for the content that is a tad too personal to be considered strictly inspirational but important enough to share with you.

It’s for the hot takes and my perspective on some issues and topics that we are likely all talking about. Although there won’t be any hot tea on some girl or boy I’m crushing on, everything I write in that category will be worth it, I promise.

We have Poetry, an area that has been and in some ways, is still the mainstay of my writing. I started writing poetry as a means of self-expression and whether it is love, grief, or chaos, I hope to always be able to share that in this space.

Finally we have Inspirational. Yes. Sometimes I get a little aspire to refire to maguire… but not in a corny way. I solemnly swear not to share content that tells you to reach for the stars, without providing you with a map and access to some top secret NASA spaceship – so help me Sky Daddy, holy patriarch of horoscopes.

Now to my favorite part of any house – the kitchen!

Well, not an actual kitchen, it’s THE SHOP. All the same right? It’s where all the edibles are. From Poetry frames to eBooks and even merch sometime in the future, there’s finally a single place where you can place an order for any of the things I create.

If you check and something you want isn’t there, you could easily write me at [email protected]

To be honest, I’m rather nervous putting this out there, but I can’t say I’m not excited. I’ve wanted this space for eons and I know you’re excited too. If you need some more detailed insight about what I’ll be sharing here and why I started a blog, check out my about this blog post.

Here’s to all the things we will be sharing. I hope we find growth, fun, and laughter.

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