About this blog

Hello, and welcome to my safe, personal space.

Corny intro, I know, but stick with me. Starting a blog has been a dream for me, even years before I got into any serious professional writing.

As a kid in primary school, I had tried to write a book, and although it is still stuck on a computer CPU somewhere, never to see the light of day, I hold this as a reminder that writing has always been a part of me.

While in junior secondary school, I made an – albeit unsuccessful – attempt to open a blog. I was a kid and I didn’t know the first thing about what I was doing but it has since, however, remained as a splinter in my mind, nagging me until I eventually surrendered in December 2021.

Why? Well, because self-expression will always be the greatest reason I write, and a personal space like this affords me the opportunity to do just that without any pressure. So brace yourself, it will be messy, daring and sometimes downright bonkers what I publish here, but in everything, no matter how asinine, is a piece of me I’m sharing with the world.

I do not have all the answers, or really any answers for that matter. Like you, I am often lost and searching, but isn’t that how answers are always found?

Much of this is and will be my unique take on the world and life so do not be offended. I glorify individualism and so, I acknowledge and accept the reality that you and I will not agree on some of the things I write. That is okay.

Still, if every piece leaves you questioning some belief that you might’ve arbitrarily accepted, then my work is done.

Welcome to my safe space, I hope you like it here.