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Don’t let go of me.

I think we all need people who don’t let go of us. Because sometimes, you don’t know what’s good for

My body is a home for you (loving you is a lesson in accommodation)

Some days, loving you is learning a new meaning of accommodation. It is figuring out, on the go, that my

loving you is (not) a miracle.

Blissful nights when you tell me that finding me is god’s gift to you. That there must be someone up

one talking stage down, a million to go.

to be or not to be? what’s the fuss about talking stages?

anxious attachment in 6 verses

This book I read about attachment styles says I’m an anxious lover. So, although you have only been gone for all of two seconds, I miss you with all of my being…

amen & thank you.

your body is a perfection I wield against you, for us.

grief poems are just love poems on dark mode.

“…and what is grief but love persevering?”

Why you will never meet your soulmate

We all believe that there is someone out there who is perfect for us. Will we ever find them?

the science of loving you.

there is no science for loving you, but let me try, my love.

Breakfast is a national cake, and you might get a slice.

I still get a bad taste in my mouth every time I remember my first heartbreak. You hear a lot about the pain, but nothing quite prepares you for it.