Don’t let go of me.

I think we all need people who don’t let go of us. Because sometimes, you don’t know what’s good for you. You reject love because it feels so safe, you’re unnerved by the absence of trauma. You eject affection because it feels so real, you’re undone by the absence of drama. Sometimes your body craves what it knows, even when it’s not right for you — addiction is a language our cells speak too fluently. So you pick at your scars to remind yourself of the pain. Crave that next fix of a broken thing. Undo, undo & undo till undoing is all you ever know. So when you find the love that feels unfamiliar because all you’re used to is pain, I pray you don’t let go. Even more, I pray they don’t let go of you. I pray that when they open their beautiful lips to say — “I love you”, you won’t run away from their arms. You’ll hold them tight, squeeze them hard and say — “I believe you”.

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